100% Deposit Bonus
Enjoy more margin while generating cashback on all your trades!
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How to get your 100% Deposit Bonus
Deposit Bonus
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Deposit Bonus
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Deposit Bonus
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Deposit Bonus
Begin Trading
Enjoy up to $10,000 Extra Margin per deposit, per account!
Cashback Trading
For every standard lot traded, $0.40 of your bonus will be converted into cash at the end of every trading day, and will appear on your account statement as "Bonus to balance." Thus, if you trade 5 lots in one day, your Bonus will decrease by $2.00 and your Balance will increase by $2.00.

Think of it as getting some cash back (or a rebate) on a portion of your trades!

  • The bonus is available only on MT4.STD. and MT4.ECN accounts
  • Not applicable to the MT5.STD and MT5.ECN accounts
Check the Knowledge Base for more information on our trading conditions