Do you provide tax statements?

Please note that as an off-shore brokerage, we do not provide any tax-related documents. Also, we do not send our client’s information to third parties.

You can generate your official annual history report (statement) directly from MT4 platform >> Account history tab.

In order to make a statement out of the account history, you’ll first have to go to the Terminal window of MetaTrader 4 and select the Account History tab. By right clicking on a mouse and selecting “Save as Report” or “Save as Detailed Report” a HTML form statement can be created. You may choose a folder where you wish the save the statement.

Changing the Time Period

You can change the time period from where the account actions are taken from in the same menu when saving the report. You can use the following settings:

·         All History shows all the account events since the first deposit.

·         Last 3 Months shows the events from current time to the last three months.

·         Last Month shows the events from last month starting from current time.

·         Custom Period… allows you to set a custom date range.

For more information on tax related inquiries please consult your legal or tax advisor.