How can I add or remove saved accounts from the platform?

Adding trading accounts to the Desktop MetaTrader 4/5:

Start up the MT4 application firstly, then Go to 'File' in the top menu

1) Select the 'Login to Trade account' option

2) Enter your MT4 account’s number and MT4 password in a newly opened login window

3) Select “Midas FX-Live” server. or Midas FX-Demo Server, depending on whether it is a Live or a Demo account

Removing trading accounts from the Desktop MetaTrader 4/5:

In the Navigator Window, under accounts, right click the account/s that you want to delete and select “Delete” option.


Adding trading accounts to the Mobile MetaTrader 4/5:

    1) Open your Mobile MetaTrader application and click on the ” + ” icon to add an account

    2) Click on the Login to an existing account and type: Midas
After that please select either Midas FX -Live or Midas FX -Demo, depending on whether you’re using a Live or a Demo trading account

    3) After that it will ask you for your Login and Password. In Login type your account number, and in password type your trading account password.

Removing trading accounts from the Mobile MetaTrader 4/5: To remove an account from the list, swipe its line from right to left. Then tap “Delete”.