How do I set up push notifications?

Please follow the steps below on how to set those up: 

Step 1) 

The ‘trading alerts’ option is designed to notify of certain events in the Forex market. Having created alerts, you can move away from your screen – the terminal will automatically notify that the given event has occurred. To be able to use this function, you need to run the trading terminal and open ‘Data Window’, which opens upon pressing the ‘Terminal’ button on the Tools panel in the trading terminal.

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Step 2)

Next, to set an actual alert, you need to mouse over and right-click on the blank white field of the tab and then select the ‘Create’ menu item.

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Step 3) 

In the window that has appeared, you can select an action you want to perform and customize the settings of the future alert.

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The following settings are available: 

  • Action – an action performed when an event occurs:
  • Sound – play a sound file;
  • File – run an executable file;
  • Mail – send a message by internal email;

Explanations about each: 

Notification – send a push notification to a mobile device. Sending push notifications requires the MetaQuotes ID to be specified in the terminal settings. MetaQuotes ID is a unique identifier, which is assigned to each mobile terminal during its installation on a device. Push notifications are an effective means to notify of events, they are delivered instantly to your mobile device and don’t get lost. The message text is to be entered in the ‘Source’ field.

Symbol – a financial instrument, the data on which are used to check the condition specified. If the “Time=” parameter (alert triggering at the pre-defined time) is selected as the condition, the symbol does not matter.

Condition – a condition under which the alert will trigger. The following can serve as a condition:

Bid> – the Bid price is higher than the specified value. If the current Bid price exceeds the given value, the alert will trigger;

BidAsk> – Ask> – the Ask price is higher than the specified value. If the current Ask price exceeds the given value, the alert will trigger;

AskTime= – time is equal to the given value. As soon as this time comes, the alert will trigger.

Value – a verifying value of the condition. If the price of the instrument reaches the value, the alert will trigger.

Source – depending on the type of action performed when a particular event occurs, one of the following is specified here:

  • -a sound file in the *.wav, *.mp3 or *.wma format.
  • -an executable file in the *.exe, *.vbs or *.bat format.
  • -an email templates. 

If you select ‘Email’, a click on this field will open a window for making a template of an email to be sent to the address specified in the terminal settings. You can also just type an email text message in this field in the “email subject\ email text” format.

  • -a text of a push message. The maximum message length is 255 characters.

Timeout – a time period within which an alert is triggered.
Maximum iterations – a maximum number of times the alert repeats triggering.