Is your DEMO account exactly the same (same prices and execution), as your LIVE account?

Please note that we receive price feed directly from our Liquidity Providers and we give priority to our Live accounts over the Demo accounts. Almost always the feed on live accounts is completely the same as the feed on demo accounts, however a small discrepancy in the price can occur at times so they may differ.

Orders from live accounts are sent to the market and filled at best available price at time being. They have Market Execution and must be filled with the counter-party, one of the Liquidity Providers from liquidity pool. During news time and/or low liquidity periods, order execution time can be heavily increased.

On the other hand, trades from demo accounts are not sent to the market and therefore they are opened/closed instantly at requested price (Instant Execution), regardless of the volatility in the market. Therefore, order execution time is lower for orders from demo accounts comparing to the ones from live accounts, especially during news time and/or low liquidity periods.