What is an internal transfer? Is there a fee? How long will it take?

Internal transfer is a method to transfer the balance from one account to another. It is not a payment method for deposit/withdrawal.

If you wish to make an Internal Transfer:

1. Log in to your Client Office and go to the Withdrawal section. Select Internal transfer — https://my.midasfx.com/withdrawal/inner

2. Enter your PIN Code. PIN code was sent to your registered email address when your account with us is verified. You can also reset your PIN code from your Client office. Go to Edit Profile then click reset PIN code. https://my.midasfx.com/profile/resetPassCode

3. Select accounts from and where you wish to make a transfer then click the Send Request button.

Internal transfers between the same currencies are completely free, however, internal transfers between trading accounts that require currency conversion attract a 1.5% conversion fee.

Internal transfers are done instantly once confirmed.